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PvP in Warframe

In Warframe we fight primarily against computer-controlled enemies. But real ninjas assassinate their fellow players, so there are currently three PvP game modes in Warframe. Duel: As soon as we are a member of a clan who owns his own Dojo with a dueling arena, we can participate in duels. There are two Tenno in the arena and it all depends on playing skill and quick reflexes. Conclave: A special form of duel that also takes place in the Clan Dojo. Conclave rounds are only possible between players who have a similar Conclave value. In turn, we earn ourselves through successful Conclave battles. In addition, up to four players can simultaneously participate in a Conclave duel, so teamwork plays a big role here.

Solar Rail Conflicts: Even the noble Tenno are not free from greed and therefore there are always disputes about areas. In the particularly lucrative “Dark Sectors” there are therefore regular massive PvP battles in which four Tenno protect the access point, while four other Space Ninjas want to put the part to ashes. Rude awakening Back to the starting point, there are still those ugly monsters in front of us. They call themselves “Grineer” and are all bad copies of clones. That explains a lot. But the assembly line clones are pretty aggressive and expansionist, which is why they’re so rude to get our poor character off to sleep.

In the ship we make contact with a mysterious entity called “Lotus”. She seems to have awakened the Tenno in time to protect her from the grunts plundering. After centuries, the Tenno are back in an alien, gloomy galaxy, in which the degenerate grunts are just the most obvious enemy. In addition to the clones, the greedy and unscrupulous Corpus corporation is up to mischief and dreadful alien mutants lurk on the edge of the solar system.

Ninjas against the rest of the galaxy So if the Tenno want to survive, they have to fight for their place in the universe and Lotus seems seriously interested in the well-being of the Space Ninjas. On the star chart she assigns us a series of target areas in which we should fulfill certain missions. For example, it is necessary to raze the entire crew of a Grineer battleship or capture an enemy commander. Still other missions require us to fend off wave after wave of enemies. In addition, regularly scheduled events take place in which we are to achieve unique goals. As a reward beckon special treasures.

Once we have decided on a mission, we can either go out alone or take up to three comrades. We either invite them via our friends list or let them automatically allocate us from the game. After that, it’s about to get down to business and hardly are our Tenno dropped off in the target area, the scraps usually fly already. Depending on the style of play, we can quietly sneak around the area and assassinate opponents silently or we run wildly balling and sword swinging through the area and slaughter everything that moves. Both ways lead to the goal and are fun. This is mainly due to the sophisticated combat system of Warframe. Our Tenno have three homicidal tools, a rifle as the main weapon, a pistol as a spare rifle and any melee weapon for the rough.

As befits a shooter, the range of warfare equipment is considerable. Already the various rifles range from an inaccurate but infernally effective lead syringe over shotguns and sniper rifles to lasers, microwave emitters and even futuristic bows. In the case of melee weapons, the choice is even more exotic: in addition to swords and axes, there are also scythes, sickles, fighting sticks and retractable claws that even make Wolverine pale with envy. With this impressive arsenal we bring death and destruction over our enemies.

The weapons are noticeably different and every wum has its right to exist. If an enemy comes too close, we use a hotkey to pull out our melee weapon and slap the villain around his ugly ears. Therefore, Warframe gameplay is extremely dynamic and fast. We are constantly on the move, darting from cover to cover, running along walls, flanking our opponents and throwing us drawn sword into the midst of their formation, while our adversaries stare stupidly into the botany. Shortly thereafter, bloody scraps cover the ground and we rush on to the next victim. The whole thing is pleasantly intuitive and we are surprised how quickly we already perform elegant maneuvers as a beginner. So we imagine clever ninja action!

Positives and Negatives

+Character customisation is interesting and looks quite cool.

+Movement across the maps is seamless and very smooth and fast, with lots of parkour movements

+Weapons and progression of skills looks very cool and is satisfying to achieve

+Therapeutic nature in shooting enemies over considerable time

+Visuals look pleasant, especially for free to play

+Soundtrack is great

+Community and support is excellent, constantly providing lots of efficient ways to level up (despite it being a slow process), along with many game updates and improvements

-Progression through the game is very slow and repetitive. To gain materials and loot needed to progress it sometimes takes several repeats of the same level. Some variety here would make it much more enjoyable

-Definitely a grindy game where many levels must be completed, each level taking considerable time, and dying may lead to needing to keep trying to repeat a level again and again

-A lot of the levels are very samey, just shooting the bad guys -If you do not have friends or teammates to play with, you may be paired with someone not very good, hindering your progress, or with someone who loses connection or leaves meaning you have to complete the game all by yourself

-Pay to win aspect to save time and grinding could be seen as irritating to those who cannot afford

-Story seems slightly irrelevant and hard to follow in some aspects, definitely not encapsulating, would only play for the satisfying gameplay and visuals

-Would be nice to have more pure single-player support, playing with others and joining a clan is necessary for a lot of the progression and gaining of items

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