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The World of Video Game Testing

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Video game testing is a type of job that has only recently became a “thing”. It’s currently rising in popularity while game developers are focusing more and more on consumer feedback at the pre-release stage of a game. We have been carrying out considerable research by contacting a Game testing company such as this one.

They have reported an enormous growth in recent years. They now have way over 100 employees. Back in 2016 they had only 50 employees. That means they’ve more than doubled in size in just 3 years. And they aren’t showing any signs of slowing down.

What is it like working as a video game tester?

Well, apparently it’s good. But not great. Some people get their hopes up a little bit too much. They think that they will be put into a room with a game console and a game and be left there for hours and hours. This is however not the case. Video game testing often requires some planning and structure. You need to understand what the gaming company wants you to achieve from your testing.

Gaming companies will often request certain focus points and ask for feedback for specific functions or parts of the game. Game testing can also be repetitive, so you do need to have patience. The overall work environment when working as an in house game tester is usually very relaxed. The “office” mostly just consists of game rooms.

There are however more and more positions opening up for remote game testers. This allows companies to hire people on a global basis, which in turn results in more diverse test groups. People of all different backgrounds and cultures can tackle game issues and provide feedback from many different angles.

How Much do Game Testers Earn?

Game testers can earn anywhere from $10-$15+ per hour as a starting salary. I believe the CC GameTesters company is paying $15 per hour as just the starting salary for a normal game tester. This may vary from country to country, but it’s certainly an attractive starting salary.

Some companies also provide large discounts or support with purchasing gaming related products such as high performance computers, new game consoles, new video games and other equipment. They often have good relationships with major gaming companies so they can help you get a good deal on stuff.

I discussed how the development of the eSports industry has evolved in a previous post. The game testing industry is another piece of living proof for how the gaming industry is growing at a fast rate.

What Does a Typical Game Testing Day Look Like?

Every day would be different, but here’s an example of how a typical game testing day may look like if you worked in an office:

  1. Start with a group meeting at around 9am. Your manager would give a breakdown of the tasks that need to be completed and delegate specific tasks to each employee. This is often a group discussion where you will get a chance to express what task you feel you would perform best with.
  2. Once you’ve been delegated a task, you will have a few hours to play the game assigned to you and test the parts they asked you to test. A task like that can be for example: Remain in the North East part of the map and look for any bugs/issues within that section.
  3. After a few hours of testing, you’d most likely be approaching lunch time now. You’d get a 1 hour lunch break where you will most likely have some time away from screens. Most game testing offices contain “offline” games such as a Pool/Snooker table and a Foosball table. This is a good chance to move around on your feet and prevents your eyes from straining.
  4. Once your break is finished, you’d either continue with the previous task (if you didn’t complete what you needed to do), or you would start on something new. Your manager would be with you on a daily basis to make sure you know what to work on.
  5. There’s usually not a specific time that you finish. It should be around 5pm but you will often be allowed to leave early if you finish testing the game. And you will also be expected to stay a bit longer if you haven’t quite finished.

I hope that this is useful information for anyone looking to become a game tester. It can be a very rewarding job.

The Development of eSports and the Gaming Industry

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Three center components are adding to the esports business’ rise as the following real observer sport: streamed competitions with sorted out leagues, proficient players that can be seen anyplace, and live occasions in major offline sports venues. On the off chance that you need to perceive how this happens progressively. There’s no better place than Twitch, where individuals from everywhere throughout the world can tune in and watch gamers, or “streamers,” play computer games.

If by chance that you aren’t a gamer, you might be new to Twitch. However as the biggest live streaming stage in the United States, it’s quickly turning into a commonly recognized name. Twitch has seen sensational development in the course of recent years. In 2014, Amazon purchased Twitch for around $1 billion. Some business investigators scrutinized the move. Today, Twitch has around 5 million dynamic viewers who go through on average 106 minutes every day observing live gaming, with positions higher than prime time TV such as CNN. The worldwide eSports gathering of people is anticipated to twofold in the following three years from 300 million to in excess of 600 million viewers – and before the current year’s over, 1.6 billion individuals will have watched eSports at some point in their life.

In spite of the fact that the group of onlookers for gaming content is commonly discovered through the web, Traditional TV is making a play for capturing the gaming viewers. In 2016, TBS and ESPN started putting resources into eSports groups and broadcasting competitions, and others have stuck to this same pattern. The intrigue of contacting those enormous online groups of onlookers has TV officials bouncing out of their seats.

Why? Diversions that started as two individuals crouched over a similar vacuum tube screen, and after that went worldwide gratitude to the rise of  internet gaming, are presently returning to unite individuals face to face. Individuals are consuming esports all over the place – together.

The Fate Of Sports Is Digital

Popular esports competitions fill major arenas and draw gatherings of people and media like any disconnected game. In 2014, Seoul’s Sangam Stadium – a scene utilized in the 2002 FIFA World Cup — facilitated 45,000 in-person participants to watch the League of Legends World Final. In excess of 27 million extra fans viewed on the web. The 2017 League of Legends World Final in Beijing was seen by 60 million individuals, up from 43 million the earlier year.

Nonetheless, even with noteworthy measurements and market accomplishments, the universe of esports isn’t without contention. With the rise in prominence come similar issues that have touched base in traditional sports, for example, cheating, player misuse, and even drugs improving performance. What’s more, esports have additionally opened the way to another mix of disturbance, with cyber assaults winding up increasingly alongside over-burden servers and dropped connections.

Will Esports Be In The Olympics?

This is an inquiry encompassed by a lot of debate. Fans and players of esports accept wholeheartedly that their game has a place in the Olympics, while numerous others neglect to perceive esports as sports by any means. This is a discussion that will seethe on in years to come and would increase much progressively global consideration if the choice to incorporate esports is inevitably made.

There have been exchanges between the International Olympic Committee and top esports authorities. In 2017, the IOC spread out the potential desire for esports that incorporated an explanation that the substance of the occasions must not encroach on Olympic qualities. In view of this, probably the most prevalent recreations in esports highlighting savagery probably won’t be endorsed for play in the Olympics.

It will be exceptionally fascinating to check whether aggressive video gaming can advance into the Olympic diversions, with current dialogs endeavoring to get esports in with the general mish-mash at the Paris 2024 Olympics on an exhibit premise.

In spite of the general early stages of eSports as an industry, it keeps on pulling in sizeable speculation. Continued development and the assurance of the business, its players, brand sponsor support, IP owners and gathering of people is essential. The usage of organized guideline alongside an acknowledgment that each competition, will assume a huge job in the business’ endeavors to be always common.

Would You Be Able To Make A Career Out Of Gaming?

There’s an abundance of ways to make a career out of video games these days. You don’t just have to be the best. Even terrible gamers can make 6 figures by creating entertainment value within platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. Another way to make a career out of gaming is to become a video game tester.

Like professional sports, just the most flawless players on the planet can contend at the highest level. The straightforward entry to these games makes the likelihood of turning into a professional open to everyone, yet just the most elite will proceed to have careers in the field. In the event that you can achieve a high level of skill within your game of choice, consider beginning a Twitch stream to fabricate reputation for yourself, and/or search for local competitions to compete in.

In the event that you choose to dedicate the time turning into a professional, make sure to get the correct equipment for the activity. An incredible gaming PC and a comfortable gaming seat can make a huge difference to progressing your gaming career. Computers and Accessories

What Games Should You Play?

If you want to get involved in eSports as a competitive player, you’d have to play whichever one you think you can become the best at. To become a professional gamer you need to be within the top ranks. The most well known game will in general be multiplayer online battle arena games and first-individual shooters, however in the event that you have a skill for sports games like Madden or FIFA or fighter games like Street Fighter and Tekken, you can focus around those. Pick the one that you like and are great at as one to seek after playing competitively.

It is critical to remember that most genuine eSports players, from low skill players to professionals, focus on just one single game. If you are playing for fun, or trying to become a streamer / entertainer on YouTube or Twitch, you can play any games you wish.

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